The Artist – Demian Gibbins

My work is vibrant and visceral. A portion of the creative process comes from my conscious mind; the greater part is autonomic. I’m sometimes surprised by the revelations of my subconscious when I’m painting. It’s spiritual for me and I feel a deep sense of connection during the production of my works.

I think of my works in three forms: an object – valuable and precious, an occupier of space – with an effect on its surroundings and an interpretation – the personal, emotional response in the mind of the viewer.

As the viewer, you are an important part of my process. Feel free to get in touch, I welcome your feedback.

About Demian

Abstract Landscapes

“Demian’s paintings capture our urban environment in a way that is natural and beautiful. It’s a sublime perspective; a transcendent beauty in what can sometimes feel like a cold and repetitive environment.”  – Nico

“Considering my methodical style and shameless obsession with straight lines, it’s not surprising to hear I’m an engineer.  At first it seems like an unlikely combination; this mathematical view of the world and the free nature of modern art.  But you see the constraints I work within, the geometry and control, and how this has developed my distinctive expression of the landscape.” – Demian

Landscape Gallery


“When I paint people I’m fascinated by how quickly the right highlight or shadow can describe a personality. The light I especially love. The way it illuminates, adds depth, clarifies and exposes. Light dances on everything it touches, it brings a painting to life.

When I capture light in my portraits it brings me a sense of balance and connectedness – in light I find my resolution.” – Demian

Portraiture Gallery